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Mystical light at the church

Mystical Light

Mystical Light coming from the church Mabou  is a small historic Celtic village on the West Coast of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, in  Inverness County. It was the end of the day and our visit to this village, and… Read More

Spanish Pink Rose

Spanish Pink Rose

Spanish Pink Rose – Square Format There are many types of roses and they are all beautiful – right? To be honest I have no idea if this was a Spanish rose or not, but I took this… Read More

Pink Cactus Flowers

Pink Cactus Flowers – Square format art prints for Home Decor and Accessories These are pink cactus flowers I photographed in the Mohave Desert, Arizona during the month of May. I was surprised to see how many beautiful… Read More

Frosted fence by the lake - Art print by Tatiana Travelways

Frosted fence by the lake

Frosted fence by the lake I took this photo in a beautiful morning of October in Prince Eduard County, Ontario. The small lake and the quiet place made me step out of my comfort zone, to take some… Read More

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