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Beaver Work

This is a beaver work! You may have guessed already by seeing the photo. I guessed it immediately too, even though I had never seen something like this before. We know of course about beavers and the fact… Read More

Squirrel on the snow – High Key Photography

I shot this cute squirrel on the snow in a park in Ottawa, Canada as a “High-Key” photo. It was a beautiful sunny winter morning, just perfect for some nature photos. My intention was to produce a High-Key… Read More

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful πŸ™‚ While playing with an old PS Canon camera that takes good macros, I noticed this funky bug, that to me looked like it was laughing and free of any worries πŸ™‚ That spring day… Read More

Christmas cookies funny tale

Christmas cookies funny tale I initially titled this image as a question: “Do cookies have feelings?”Β  I made it for a photography contest with the theme “Comic or Tragic”. I’m not really sure if it’s one of the… Read More

Releasing baby turtles into the Pacific Ocean in Mexico

Releasing baby turtles into the Ocean in Mexico It was one kind of experience to participate in atΒ  “El Tortugario” Ecological Center in Cuyutlan, Mexico. It is called “hatchling”, and a lot of one-day-old baby turtles were released… Read More

Baby Burro just about falling asleep

Baby Burro in Arizona I think that we all agree that baby animals are nice, but I found this one especially cute and adorable πŸ™‚ It’s a wild baby burro/donkey, and he was dozing off to sleep on… Read More

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