Cute Giant Iguana in Belize – Happy April Fools Day!

This is a real cute giant Iguana in Belize – No joke. I know it’s the April Fools Day and it’s a little incredible to see that something like this exists, but this is absolutely real! It was there, flesh and bones 🙂 I couldn’t believe myself when I first saw it either 🙂

Fortunately we were in a boat on the river going to visit the Mayan pyramids. The giant reptile was on the side of the river looking right at me – hey cutie, cutie! – I have no idea if they swim or not, ha, ha…

Beautiful creature I would say. Look what a nice orange and black stripes. Normally, when something in nature is orange, red or another bright color, you know to stay away… but we were far enough. … And those big spines – huh! Have no idea if they are sharp or not 🙂

Giant Iguana, Belize Framed Print

Despite this, I don’t think that these lizards are dangerous – I learned that they are totally vegetarians 🙂

It was nice of him/her to pose for me. I think that this picture can make an interesting and unique art print for a wall – no kidding. Therefore I published it. Just take a look:

giant iguana art print

The cute giant iguana in Belize gift ideas

Whether you like jokes or just like wildlife, you can have this beautiful giant iguana in your home… just kidding 🙂

I meant to say that you can have it as art prints for home decor and even accessories. Click on them to see all the options:

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Happy April First!

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