Day of the Dead Mexico with Candy and Tequila

Day of the Dead Mexico, with candy and Tequila for fun 🙂 *Click on the pictures for a larger view!

Day Of The Dead Mexico - Candy And Tequila Display by Tatiana Travelways

The Day of the Dead – Día de los Muertos,  is a Mexican celebration somehow similar to Halloween in the English/Celtic culture.

It’s about remembering deceased people, but in a way that eliminates sadness and sorrow. Mexicans believe that this celebration brings the disappeared souls close to living people making the communication possible. In Mexico, the tradition comes from the ancient Mesoamericans who considered death just part of the life cycle.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Today however, Día de los Muertos is celebrated in a very creative and funny way. For instance, people put on scary costumes, paint their faces, make spooky candies and ornaments and go partying. In Mexico, this holiday takes place approximately in the same time as Halloween, but lasts three days.

From: Mexican La Calavera Catrina and the Day of the Dead.

Dia De Los Muertos Art Print featuring the photograph Dia De Los Muertos Spooky Candy Catrinas by Tatiana Travelways

During the celebration, the central plaza in Patzcuaro was full of vendors selling “ofrendas” (offerings). These are generally sweet treats made from Mazapan (Marzipan), chocolate and pastries.

Dia De Los Muertos Art Print featuring the photograph Dia De Los Muertos Candy Skulls by Tatiana Travelways
Dia De Los Muertos Art Print featuring the photograph Dia De Los Muertos Candy Skulls 2 by Tatiana Travelways

The main character of the holiday is the Mexican La Calavera Catrina. Read more…

I took the pictures above in Patzcuaro, Michioacan, Mexico. This is by far,  one of the most well known places holding this celebration. The central plaza was packed with vendors of cookies, candies and other goodies especially made for this event.

Here you can see a version of it as framed art print for wall decor. It is available on various media like canvas, acrylic, metal, wood or just as a simple poster. It is also available as home decor and accessories for great gift ideas.

Day of the Dead Mexico, candy and Tequila display - framed art print

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