Festive Red Poinsettia for the Winter Holidays

Festive red Poinsettia art print

The festive red Poinsettia is part of the traditional decorations in the winter holidays, which are rapidly approaching.

The flamboyant reds, bright lights, and the everlasting greens are Christmas symbols. Poinsettia is also called the Christmas Star, because of it’s beautiful shape. As you may know, this is a native Mexican wild flower, and it grows there all the year long. *I’ve seen them in Mexico and also in Central America. They grow quite high when wild. The ones we buy in stores are altered for the market πŸ™‚

Wild poinsettia in Oaxaca, Mexico:

Poinsettias in Oaxaca, Mexico

Ancient Aztecs considered the color red a symbol of purity, and Poinsettia was present in their religious ceremonies. Several other legends and beliefs made it famous, but for many this is justΒ  a decorative flower in the white season. Along with the ornamented Christmas tree, it warms up our hearts and brighten our spirits.

… And yes, it’s the season of greetings and gifts!

Festive Red Poinsettia watercolor picture

I took this photo of a red poinsettia winter decoration in Las Vegas in one of the many luxurious stores. They are always beautifully decorated for the season. I liked the traditional deep reds, lights and greens of it, so I made it as a digital watercolor for a more festive look.

Festive Art Print featuring the photograph Festive Red - Happy Holidays by Tatiana Travelways

It is of course part of my “Holidays and Celebrations” gallery at FAA. For the next 2 days only, you can buy it for a discount of 66% off the price! – yes, it’s true πŸ™‚

Here is what it can look like on your wall with a green mat and golden frame, just right for this season holidays:

Red Poinsettia watercolor framed art print

Want a Christmas greeting card? I made one just for you, but you can also have a savings pack of 25. Just click on it to see.

Red Poinsettia Happy Holidays Greeting Card

Let’s brighten our holidays season with some festive reds! Also check my other gift ideas for Holidays and Celebrations on my Giftsmart site.

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  1. I did not know this flower is Mexican, and neither did I know that it was known as the Christmas star, .
    Thank you πŸ™‚

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