Halloween Orange Black and Boo

Halloween Orange Black and Boo

Halloween Orange Black and Boo is the name of the game on the 31st October in the English culture and tradition.

Coming from the old Celtic culture, we are still celebrating Halloween today and we adore having fun at this time every year. The sense of it may vary though… Some put on costumes and kids go out for “Trick or Treat” goodies. Some relate this day to superstitions and evils spirits to be avoided. Similarly, at this time of the year, Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Death (“Dia De Los Muertos”).

Halloween Orange Black and Boo art print for sale by Tatiana Travelways

However you see or interpret this holiday,  it’s all related to the Boo 🙂 … And after-all,  FUN was always the best way to get away from bad things. This is also the way to start the holidays season.

Halloween orange and black gift ideas

Do you want to start the BOO in your neighborhood? Easy: get out with a Tote Bag – preferably black and burned orange, representing some scary/funny things. I think that the traditional lit pumpkins will do it in the best way. Jack-o-Lanterns are back in season! 🙂
* The watermark will not appear on prints!

You can look like this:

Halloween black and orange lit pumpkins tote bag

But if you plan to have a Halloween orange and black party, you should definitely have a poster of those shiny funny pumpkins on your wall. – Just for fun 🙂

Halloween black and orange funny poster over the living-room sofa

A funny pillow, shower curtain or just a coffee mug will also do the job, and you can see them all here.

Halloween orange on black pillow gift idea
Halloween orange on black coffee mug gift idea

Whatever you decide, I wish you a Funny Fun Halloween! 🙂


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