Proudly Spotted – a majestic peacock in the wild

Proudly spotted - Peacock

Proudly Spotted.

This is a digitally enhanced version of a peacock I saw and photographed in a small woodland area in Chiapas, Mexico.

I love these extraordinary birds with their colorful tails and patterns. They seem so proud of themselves and of course they have reasons to be 🙂
– The little crown on the top of their head gives them a royal appearance. As a matter of fact, the blue in their feathers is a royal blue color.

The male peacock was sitting on a cut tree trunk showing his splendor to us – the stray tourists. I took the photo from the back of him and called it Proudly Spotted. How lucky I was that he had his head half turned, so I could capture his eye, as well 🙂

Proudly spotted peacock framed art print

The picture is available as Art Print in my Fine Art America gallery, and here is an example of a framed version of it mounted on the wall. Click on it to see all the options:

Majestic peacock framed art print for home decor, by Tatiana Travelways

BTW: This beautiful bird can also make some great gift ideas for decorating a bedroom with a royal duvet cover, or a bathroom with a colorful shower curtain:

Peacock Duvet cover gift idea
Peacock Shower curtain gift idea

A peacock Cell Phone Case is not a bad gift idea either!

Peacock Cell phone case

See more Gift Ideas in my Digital Art Gallery


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