Spider Beauty in The Morning Light

Spider Beauty in the Morning Light

I took this Spider Beauty in The Morning Light after a rainy night in Ontario, by Lake Erie. I really loved seeing the little water beads shining in the sun. What a great knit artwork! Don’t you think so?

I agree that this picture may be a little creepy, but I found it beautiful. It depends on everyone’s point of view though. Well, antagonistic thoughts 🙂 . As a matter of fact, spider bites don’t hurt that much… a little after-bite spray will take the itch away 🙂 Ha, ha, Just rambling in rimes… Well, I wouldn’t have touched it either, but a close-up with the camera is another story…. And if you like to be different, this can even make a nice decorative piece of photographic art in your home. BTW: I titled this picture “The Great Architect“.

Spider in the morning light

This is what the Spider Beauty in The Morning Light can look like above your sofa, …where you cannot touch it 😉

Normally, spiders try to be inconspicuous, but on your wall, this will shine, guaranteed!  🙂 And yes, absolutely: you can chose the color, type and size of your frame, along with the price. Just click on it for details.

Spider beauty in the morning light framed print

Do you think that this could be a weird gift idea? Well, keep in mind that time flies and Halloween will be soon,  just around the corner. Why wait until the last minute? I think that the Spider Beauty in The Morning Light can make a great greeting card for that event.

Beauty in The Morning Light Greeting Card

But hey, they are not cruel, like some may think… they are just the way they are, and here for a purpose. Everything has a purpose in nature – right? Some of your friends may also like to have a beautiful “Summer Green” throw pillow or a hand bag, if only just for the fun of it.

Spider Beauty Throw Pillow
Spider Beauty Tote Bag

Anyway, you should bookmark this GiftSmart Website for more great gift ideas on all occasions 🙂

Oh, BTW, here you can see more light and shadow pictures.


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