Squirrel on the snow – High Key Photography

I shot this cute squirrel on the snow in a park in Ottawa, Canada as a “High-Key” photo.

It was a beautiful sunny winter morning, just perfect for some nature photos. My intention was to produce a High-Key picture for a photographic assignment. I passed the test, probably because the little creature was so cute.

Squirrel on the snow art print

However, the picture didn’t turn out exactly as planned.  I was supposed to use a reflector to blow out most of the shadows. I didn’t, because I like to take photos in natural light. In addition, those blue shadows were just too attractive to be missed. – Nice mix of textures too. The freshly fallen snow would have been unspoiled if the little rodents were not there. Luckily they were! With some nuts, I was able to keep this one in place and take my shot. He was rapidly waving his tail and I captured that too. I guess he was happy… 🙂

But, there is no shortage of squirrels in Ottawa. Not too far away, I noticed a black squirrel on the snow.

Black squirrel on the snow

He found some nuts at the bottom of a tree and had to make a decision. Climbing the tree and hiding them was an option. However,  staying on the ground and eating them there was attractive too. I took advantage of his dilemma and got the shot. This was definitely not for the “High-Key” assignment. He was too dark, with too much contrast. I took the picture just for the fun of it.

Squirrel on the snow gift ideas

I think that both squirrel images would make a great children’s room decor. Parents can use them side by side as posters, framed or not.

Squirrel on the snow framed poster as children room decor
Squirrel on the snow framed poster as children room decor

Kids – but not only kids, may also love a pillow showing a squirrel on the snow.

Black squirrel on the snow pillow
Squirrel on the snow pillow

Want more gift ideas, just click on the pictures to find all the options!

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