Sunset on the water when the nature goes to rest

Sunset on water

I took this picture of a sunset on the water at the end of summer evening in Nova Scotia, Canada. We were coming back from a beautiful boat trip along with some friends. Looking back I couldn’t believe the beauty of the scene. The sun was about to set behind the shore on the other side of the bay, projecting a golden light on the mirror-like water. I wouldn’t have exchanged that moment for anything else 🙂

It was almost dark, and the nature and the sea were going to rest. Everything was calm, except the sound of the boat… It’s a scene worth having on your bedroom wall, or any other place where you want to relax – Right? That’s why I got the shot of it 🙂 * Click on it to see the printing options!

Sunset on water art print on the wall

The ripples were reflecting even more the last rays of light in a beautiful pattern. Not only, but the tones of light and dark gray were contrasting with the muted orange and yellow.

Sunset on the water abstract

The scene was beautiful in its simplicity, with an abstract-like look. That made me try my hand to create a more artistic abstract work 🙂 Here it is – what do you think?

Sunset on water oil painting

I am quite happy about the result myself. Therefore, I decided to upload it to my redbubble gallery, to see what it looked like…

Sunset on the water abstract more prints and gift ideas

I was surprised to see that this abstract sunset could look so great! All the muted colors and tones can go nicely on items like pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains or other home decor products:

It also looks nice on fashion items like dresses, skirts, or even socks 🙂 * Also on my redbubble gallery

I hope you like my sunset on the water abstract pictures 🙂

6 Comments on “Sunset on the water when the nature goes to rest

  1. For much of my career as a photographer I avoided photographing sunsets. In my mind they were just too easy, as if I was capitalizing on the bold colors rather than my artistic skills. The last few years, however, I made an about face. I’ve realized that there’s more to making a good sunset image than pretty colors. Composition, what to include and what to exclude in a scene all contribute to the success of failure of the image. Your photo above work really well. Good eye!

  2. Beautiful shot 👏 The disruption of the mirror like surface by the boat’s wake is fantastic 😁😁 Great abstraact!

    • Thank you you so much Jez! I’m happy that you like it – you are right that contrast created by the disruption of the water surface was begging for a shot 🙂

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