Thanksgiving Celebration

Turkey bird stylized art

While the intent of the Thanksgiving celebration was to express gratitude to God, today it has less of religious significance.As we know, in North America and several other countries in the World people are celebrating this day at autumn season. The tradition is still mainly related to the abundance of food at the harvest time, …

Bike with Flowers

Bike with flowers Art Print Tatiana Travelways

Homey decoration in the front yard of a bed and breakfast house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia

November Fiery Orange

November Fiery Orange colors

Welcome to November Fiery Orange Colors! Halloween and Thanksgiving are already history, but even after the party the pumpkin colors are still vivid. But, regardless of the holiday name, autumn is the season of orange colors. This is a photo I took in Ontario, Canada in the beginning of November. I was just impressed by …

After the Party

After the party funny poster

This is an After the Party scene I saw in a backyard in Canada after Halloween. Some still nice looking pumpkins were stacked together on a backyard bench in the trash corner. ** For those who don’t know, pumpkins originate in North America. The tradition of carving them dates back to the 1800’s, started by …

Autumn colors and foliage photography

Autumn Colors - Lake Reflections Ontario

Autumn colors are always a subject for great photography. Fall is by definition the season when nature goes to rest, but it does this in a spectacular way. I took all the photos below in Canada. * Click on them to see a larger clearer format. In terms of autumn colors, what strikes the eye …

Autumn splash

Milkweed Pods in Magical Light

Autumn Splash: Milk pods in a magical autumn light The common Milkweed (Asclepias Syriaca) is a weed found on the side of the roads in many areas of Northern America. They are known and appreciated as medicinal plants and for other uses. For me though they have an esthetic value – I just think they …