Maman the Giant Spider

Maman the Giant Spider

You cannot miss Maman the Giant Spider, an urban art sculpture in Ottawa, Canada. The National Gallery of Art in Ottawa has placed it in front of its entrance. As a matter of fact, Maman (French for Mother) is part of a series of spiders made by this French-Canadian artist, and it’s nothing to be …

Frosted fence by the lake

Frosted fence by the lake - Art print by Tatiana Travelways

I photographed this frosted fence by the lake in a beautiful morning of October. At that time I happened to in Prince Eduard County, Ontario. Check my post on for the whole story on my October morning by the lake. This beautiful place made me step out of my comfort zone, to take some …

Sunny day in the park gift ideas

Sunny morning in the park Art Print

I took this photo of a sunny  day of spring in a park in Ontario, Canada, with beautiful nature and landscapes. Luscious greens of the grass and trees and colorful wildflowers were inviting us to explore, admire and relax… These tall bright colored flowered plants and cattails growing up from the water, where glowing in …

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful Art Print

While playing with an old PS Canon camera that takes good macros, I noticed this funky bug, that to me looked like it was laughing and free of any worries πŸ™‚ That spring day in Ontario, Canada was perfect for nature close-ups, and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of it… – He was so …

Bike with Flowers

Bike with flowers Art Print Tatiana Travelways

Homey decoration in the front yard of a bed and breakfast house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia

After Christmas fun

After Christmas Fun

After Christmas fun is a humorous image I took in Southern Ontario. Somebody had a creative idea and hung a Santa’s costume from a roof gutter on their house. The scene is open to interpretations according to everyone’s imagination. You can think that Santa got stuck while trying to get down from the roof. You …

Stars are Magical

Stars are magic - Ferytale on Rhine River, Germany

Stars are magical I think… That’s because they only show to those who love them. I’m not talking about the stars in the sky, neither about those in movies. I’m talking about upbeat magical stars created by the sunshine. Those that you can only capture with the camera πŸ™‚ Most of the time they are …

Evening rush hour at the bus stop

Evening rush hour at the bus station silhouettes

The evening rush hour is a common thing in our daily life. This urban quotidian event can be however an interesting subject to observe. As busy at it is, it unites for a few minutes people of various ages, conditions, sexes, or cultures… It is even more interesting to capture it against the last rays …

The Guardian Inukshuk Canadian symbol in magical sunset light

The Guardian - Inukshuk statue on Lake Ontario, Canada

This is an Inukshuk and it is one of Canada’s symbols. It’s a structure made of stacked stones, and it generally represents a human person. The ancient Inuit people from the cold zones of the Arctic used it as a landmark, indicating directions. It says something like: “I’ve been here, it’s safe.” The translation of …