Happy New Year

Fireworks over Paris Las Vegas

Wishing you a Happy New Year, with some images I created to celebrate this event. The past is over and will never come back, regardless how much we wish it could… The future is unknown, and always a surprise. The spiritual gurus tell that we can determine the future with every moment we live in …

Pink Cactus Flowers Gift Ideas

Pink cactus blooming flower

Pink Cactus Flowers I photographed in Mohave Desert of Arizona and Nevada at spring time. In the month of May, the otherwise arid high desert is blooming. Coming from Canada, for me it was just an amazement to see how beautiful they were. The many types of cacti bloom almost at the same time of …

Thanksgiving Celebration

Turkey bird stylized art

While the intent of the Thanksgiving celebration was to express gratitude to God, today it has less of religious significance.As we know, in North America and several other countries in the World people are celebrating this day at autumn season. The tradition is still mainly related to the abundance of food at the harvest time, …

Mount Rainier covered by snow at summertime

Mount Rainier covered by snow at summertime

I took this picture in the month of July when my husband and I were traveling the Washington State in 2015. I was amazed seeing the beautiful Mount Rainier covered by snow when everything was green around, so I had to take the picture of it 🙂 * You can find more about my experience …

Narrow street in Ajijik, Mexico

Narrow Street in Ajijic, Mexico

I took this travel photograph while spending a winter vacation on the Lake Chapala, Mexico. The narrow street in Ajijik with Spanish influenced architecture, is just one of the many picturesque places I have seen in this Mexican town. No wonder it is like a mecca for many “Gringos” who either spent full vacations, or …

Danube River Passau, Germany

Danube River at Passau, Germany - digital art print by Tatiana Travelways

This is a digital paint of the Danube River Passau photograph I took during our trip to Germany, in the month of January. I liked the medieval architecture reflected in the beautiful blue/turquoise water, as well as the passageway along the river. Located in southern Bavaria, the town of Passau is known as Dreiflüssestadt or …

Bike with Flowers

Bike with flowers Art Print Tatiana Travelways

Homey decoration in the front yard of a bed and breakfast house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia

Saint Kateri Tekawitha statue

St Kateri Tekawitha San Xavier Del Bac

I’ve seen and photographed this wooden sculpture of the Saint Kateri Tekawitha, displayed inside the Mission San Xavier del Bac, Arizona. The mission is a beautiful historic Spanish Catholic religious complex. Padre Eusebio Kino established it in 1692 in the Tohono O’odham San Xavier Indian Reservation. History says that born in 1656, Kateri Tekawitha was …

Sunset on the water when the nature goes to rest

Sunset on water

I took this picture of a sunset on the water at the end of summer evening in Nova Scotia, Canada. We were coming back from a beautiful boat trip along with some friends. Looking back I couldn’t believe the beauty of the scene. The sun was about to set behind the shore on the other …