Spanish Pink Rose

Spanish Pink Rose

There are many types of roses and they are all beautiful – right? To be honest I have no idea if this was a Spanish rose or not. I took this photography in Andalusia, Spain, thus the title of the picture πŸ™‚ There were several roses in that garden and I photographed a few… What …

Sunny day in the park gift ideas

Sunny morning in the park Art Print

I took this photo of a sunny  day of spring in a park in Ontario, Canada, with beautiful nature and landscapes. Luscious greens of the grass and trees and colorful wildflowers were inviting us to explore, admire and relax… These tall bright colored flowered plants and cattails growing up from the water, where glowing in …

Bike with Flowers

Bike with flowers Art Print Tatiana Travelways

Homey decoration in the front yard of a bed and breakfast house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia

Spring has arrived no matter what – Let’s embrace the good vibes!

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived no matter what, and I hope it will always do so for us. Let’s embrace the good vibes! I took this photo in Nonnenhorn, a small picturesque village in Bavaria, Germany some years ago, and I digitally enhanced it or a more artistic look and feel. Germans like to be active and …

Small Suspended Garden In Mexico

Small suspended garden in Mexico

I photographed this small suspended garden in Guanajuato, Mexico. It was just a small balcony on a narrow street going up the hill.  As small as it was, the balcony was full of flowers. Some were filing the inside space and others were hanging over the railing. My initial reaction was to smile, but soon …

Yellow is the color of the sun and happiness

Yellow is the color of the sun

Yellow is the color of the sun. It’s bright, it’s joyful, it’s attractive. ** Maybe that’s why in nature most of the flowers are yellow. Apparently insects like this color too, and pollination happens πŸ™‚ Yellow is a color that will always pop wherever it appears, especially in dark spaces. It is also the color …

Autumn splash

Milkweed Pods in Magical Light

Autumn Splash: Milk pods in a magical autumn light The common Milkweed (Asclepias Syriaca) is a weed found on the side of the roads in many areas of Northern America. They are known and appreciated as medicinal plants and for other uses. For me though they have an esthetic value – I just think they …

Water Blessing

Maple leaves after the rain

Water Blessing is the name I gave to this photo taken after a summer rain in Nova Scotia Canada. I have to confess that I have no idea about the name of this pink flower. I think it’s a kind of Lilly flower, but I’m not sure. There were several growing in the front yard …