First Snow, Leaves and Sunshine

First Snow, Leaves and Light art print

In Canada (and not only), November is the time of the first snow and the start of the cold season. The beautiful autumn colors start to disappear and the white takes place. The beginning of November though, is not that bad. Some leaves can still be seen, especially in nice sunny days. There is a …

Bike with Flowers

Bike with flowers Art Print Tatiana Travelways

Homey decoration in the front yard of a bed and breakfast house in North Sidney, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Narrowest House

The narrowest huose in Nova Scotia

You are seeing the Nova Scotia narrowest house, which is on Argyle Street in Halifax. (I don’t know how old these buildings are, but the street itself is over 200 years old). The tiny blue house with one window on it is a touristic attraction on this historic street of Nova Scotia’s largest city, in …

Sunset over Water in Manzanillo, Mexico

Sunset at Dolphin Cove, Manzanill, Mexico watercolor

I took this sunset over water photo at Dolphin Cove Inn in Manzanillo, Mexico. We spent a beautiful vacation in this hotel resort on the Pacific Ocean coast. The landscape was amazing, and we couldn’t stop admiring it. I only had a Canon P&S at that time, so I made some post editing to this …

Autumn colors and foliage photography

Autumn Colors - Lake Reflections Ontario

Autumn colors are always a subject for great photography. Fall is by definition the season when nature goes to rest, but it does this in a spectacular way. I took all the photos below in Canada. * Click on them to see a larger clearer format. In terms of autumn colors, what strikes the eye …

Yellow is the color of the sun and happiness

Yellow is the color of the sun

Yellow is the color of the sun. It’s bright, it’s joyful, it’s attractive. ** Maybe that’s why in nature most of the flowers are yellow. Apparently insects like this color too, and pollination happens 🙂 Yellow is a color that will always pop wherever it appears, especially in dark spaces. It is also the color …