The Guardian Inukshuk Canadian symbol in magical sunset light

This is an Inukshuk and it is one of Canada’s symbols. It’s a structure made of stacked stones, and it generally represents a human person. The ancient Inuit people from the cold zones of the Arctic used it as a landmark, indicating directions. It says something like: “I’ve been here, it’s safe.” The translation of the word Inukshuk from the Inuit language is “stone man that points the way.” In other worlds, it’s the Canadian travelers guardian ๐Ÿ™‚

The Guardian - Inukshuk statue on Lake Ontario, Canada

Ancient people used to build these large structures from balanced rocks in a common team effort. Therefore, this also symbolizes union. We have to admit that being together was a survival condition in the cold unfriendly territories of Northern Canada. The symbol was also beautifully depicted on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics flag.

Inukshukย art prints

I saw this Inukshuk sculpture standing up on the Ontario lake shore in the magic light of the sunset. It looked to me like a Guardian with some kind of supernatural powers… I saw it in Collingwood, Ontario Canada. The photo is available as art print on various media and sizes. Here is how it can look like framed. Just click on it to see all the options:

The Guardian - Inukshuk statue on Lake Ontario, Canada - Framed art print by Tatiana Travelways

You can often see these kind of structures in Canada. They can be large or small. Here in Labrador, an Inukshuk family is welcoming people to St. Lewis town. Is it not fascinating to see the local people’s creativity?

Inukshuk family welcoming you to St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada - Framed art print by Tatiana Travelways

** On print the images will be watermark free.

Home Decor and Gift Ideas

I think that these balanced stone are not only symbolic for the Canadian culture, but also cute and decorative. When you click on them, you will actually see a lot of ideas to decorate your home, accessories of ideas for gifts. Here are just a few examples:

Thank you for visiting my gallery, and I hope you enjoyed meeting the Inukshuk family ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I really like the monster silhouette of the famous Canadian symbol framed by trees in a vibrant sunset.

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