Water Blessing

Water Blessing is the name I gave to this photo taken after a summer rain in Nova Scotia Canada.

Water Blessing photography

I have to confess that I have no idea about the name of this pink flower. I think it’s a kind of Lilly flower, but I’m not sure. There were several growing in the front yard of our vacation rental house around the Peggy’s Cove area in Nova Scotia. After the rain they were looking so pretty, begging to be photographed, so I didn’t refuse 🙂

Here is another stem with three pink blossoms and beautiful water drops. I really like the contrast of colors…

Water drops on pink blossoms after the rain

Another day I was attracted by other kind of flowers with water drops on them… Eh, in Nova Scotia it rains quite often in the summer, but it doesn’t last. So if you want to photograph water drops you have to be fast.

Water Beads After The Summer Rain by Tatiana Travelways

The summer rains are fun and and bring so much freshness into the air… And to me, seeing the water drops shining in the sun makes me feel happy.

Maple leaves after the rain

 I think that this pictures can bring good feelings of optimism when displayed inside of a home. They can brighten a wall or shine on accessories, like bags, curtains, tapestries, and pillows. Do you get inspired with some gift ideas? You may…

Here is an example of how the “Water Blessing” image can look when mounted above the living-room sofa. Click on it to see all the printing options, media and sizes.
* The Watermark will not appear on the print.

Water blessing frame art

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