Water Sand and Footprints

Water Sand and Footprints is a classic combination that makes everybody happy… right? I feel happy too, remembering the great vacation days I spent in Acapulco 🙂

I always like to look at the water. But I especially like to see the water going gently back and forth on a sandy beach, like a tender caress between the two elements. The delicate lace–like foam is ever changing in a perpetual smooth motion. What a relaxing feeling… I agree, but Water Sand and Footprints all together, give a different story. This combination makes you actually feel like being there, and THIS is sooo exciting!!! It makes me want to live forever 🙂 – What about you?

Water Sand and Footprints Gift Ideas

Do you know somebody who would be happy with a Water Sand and Footprints picture? Is so, this is what it can look like as a framed print. – click on it to find all the options:

Are you planning to escape to the beach this winter? Here is your beach tote bag. But if you are not, don’t worry – You can have a  shower curtain that will make you feel like you are right there! I think these can make great gift ideas too – Just click on them for options and prices:

Find more Gift Ideas in my Water themed galley

I also like participating in challenges, like:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #22: Happiness is… Friday Foto Fun – CompositionA photo a week: Water

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  1. This is a nostalgic image for me too. It brings many memories back. It is so simple yet beautiful, and it makes me feel lots of things. Those are the best images!

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