Christmas cookies funny tale

Christmas cookies funny tale

Christmas cookies funny tale

Do cookies have feelings?

I initially titled this image as a question: “Do cookies have feelings?”  I made it for a photography contest with the theme “Comic or Tragic”. I’m not really sure if it’s one of the other, but this is relative to how you look at it… It was at Christmas time and I bought these gingerbread Christmas cookies at the food market – we were in Ontario, Canada at that time. For the purpose of the theme, I took a bite from one 🙂 After that, I put them both on a red background made from a silicone cooking pad. Obviously, I changed the smile of the one on the right side in Photoshop. This was the only digital alteration – other that that, it’s just pure photography.

Well, I think I achieved a funny image, good for having fun at Winter holiday time 🙂

Christmas cookies funny tale prints and gift ideas

The cookies image make a good gift idea. It can look nice on the wall in the kid’s room or in any room of your house. It will make you smile, relax and fill the nostalgia of being a kid again 🙂

The image can be used as it is or framed. If you prefer the frame option, I suggest a green frame that will match the colors of this holiday.

** Upon purchase the images will be WATERMARK FREE. – Every purchase includes a money-back guarantee!

Cookies have feelings art print by Tatiana Travelways

It can also make an unconventional  Season’s Greetings card…

Cookies have feelings greeting card
Want a funny gift for holidays? I suggest this cute Christmas cookies Carry-all Pouch

Do Cookies Have Feelings Carry-all Pouch

You can see more Winter prints and gift ideas in my FAA gallery.

For the fun of challenges:

Photo a day challenge: Ginger | FOWC with Fandango — Relative

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