First Snow, Leaves and Sunshine

First Snow, Leaves And Light Painting - SQUARE

In Canada (and not only), November is the time of the first snow and the start of the cold season.

The beautiful autumn colors start to disappear and the white takes place. The beginning of November though, is not that bad. Some leaves can still be seen, especially in nice sunny days. There is a beauty in everything. But when the ice starts to glisten in the golden light, it looks like magic πŸ™‚

I photographed these leaves covered by the first snow and ice in Ottawa, Canada. The wonderful November lightΒ  falling on them, was begging for a shot.

First Snow, Leaves And Light Painting - SQUARE

And here is an abstract painting version of these beautiful icy leaves in the golden light:

Icy leaves in golden light abstract painting square

I made both these digital oil paintings for a creative, artistic and decorative wall and home decor.

First Snow, Leaves and Sunshine prints and gift ideas

I believe that both pictures can make decorative art prints for wall, home decor and gift ideas. Therefore, I uploaded it to my “Winter” gallery.Β  Opps! Sorry if the word snow came out maybe to early… I don’t mean to scare you πŸ™‚ The picture is also part of the “Golden Light” gallery – Does it sound better? I think so too, especially that the sunshine can actually warm up a cold white wall.

Winter Framed Print featuring the photograph First Snow, Leaves And Light Painting by Tatiana Travelways

The cheerful and warm abstract work of the golden leaves in the sunshine will also create good vibes and feelings of happiness. This is what I think that the so called “healing art” can look like…

First Snow, Leaves And Light - Abstract Painting Framed Print

Click on the image for more options, sizes and ideas!

** I updated this post with my latest work posted to Fine Art America, to fit the square challenge about light πŸ™‚ January Square: Light

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    • Thanks Becky! – Don’t hold your breath though, cause I don’t have too many squares… ha, ha
      I was just excited about the light subject and wanted to expose these 2 paintings πŸ™‚
      I hope you enjoyed seeing them.

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