Native American Turtle Hair Ornament

Native American Turtle Ornament

Native American Turtle Hair Ornament

Native American Turtle Hair Ornament

Turtle symbolism

The turtle has a lot of significance in Native American cultures. For them it represents strength and fertility. Similarly, they believe that it has the power of defying death. Some consider the American continent as being the Turtle Island, yet to be discovered. – True or not, the Amerindians and their kin look at this animal with a lot of consideration.

There are several ways the American aboriginals interpret this symbol. But for all of them the turtle is a sacred animal. They depict it in beautiful ornaments that give them the comfort of being protected.

Canadian’s First Nations Art

The picture represents a handmade bead artwork of a native American turtle hair ornament. A young native Canadian woman was proudly wearing it at the Pow-Wow festival in Ottawa. She graciously allowed me to take a picture of it, so here it is, for you to see and admire as well. I still cannot stop looking at this needle artwork of extreme beauty, and finesse… And what a wonderful combination of colors too! Obviously it took the artist some advanced skills to do this ornament. In addition, she was standing under a blue tent that increased the color contrast with her outfit. From a side the light was magically falling right on this stunning piece of art, making the beads shining. I was a lucky photographer 🙂

It is also available as art print on various sizes and media, for wall, home decor and accessories. It can also make a great gift for the Thanksgiving holiday or any other occasion.

I’m proud to insert this great comment I got from an artist of Fine Art America, Administrator of the CD Cover Designs group:

Congratulations Tatiana!!! Your picture is a sensational and masterful composition. I featured it on the Music CD Cover Designs group’s homepage!!! This is an extraordinary and magnificent composition! I have also selected it as featured Photo of The Day!!! Superior!!!

Cheers, Michael Hoard

Native American Turtle Ornament art print

Click on the image to see the options. * The Watermark will not appear on the print.

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  1. A very artistic composition of a native american headdress.

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